tahel christina brody


I’m wandering through worlds, in many ways, only recently using a camera again, never taught, always trying to listen -

So as I wander listening, I often feel urged to see as if for the first time. To try and be present to what is. Photography for me is a means to do that, a tool for learning to do that.

Mainly though, I feel it’s about connecting, feeling moved, answering that other call from within the beauty, the new frame my eye visualizes, the meaning arising in my mind. The fine and wondrous details, the process of growth we owe ourselves to, the blessing, unearned, reassuring, and grand.

Most of my answers are joined by awe, followed by the “click”, and then, almost immediately, the arising need to communicate it to others, to continue the chain of connection.

Through the filters of my soul, my mind, eyes, hands, and camera, at the focal point of lenses, the meeting between world and me takes place. As time stands still for these moments that touch, it seems I'm gathering them as beautiful shells on the shore, or like berries in the forest that I love so much. Though on other occasions it rather resembles hungrily hunting for food to enliven the soul...